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アーユルヴェーダご飯 簡単に作れるレンズ豆キチャリ(インド風お粥)ダイエットやデトックスにも✨Ayurvedic KHICHADI ( RICE GRUEL)

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●お米 1 カップ (4人分位)
*皮なしを使用する場合はお米と同量の 1 カッフ
●ギー大さじ 2  (ない場合バターで代用)
●クミン・シード 小さじ 2
●水 1リットル
●塩(岩塩がベター) 小さじ 1


① 豆と米を洗い、10 分ほど水につけます。(圧力鍋を使用しない時は30分程つけます)

② 圧力鍋にギーを入れ、沸騰したらクミン・シードを入れます。クミン・シードが弾けて良い香りを出るまでシーズニングします。

③ クミン・シードが弾けてきた らレンズ豆 、米、水を入れます。






● レンズ豆 は日本では採れないそうで、スーパーに並んでおらず、輸入品を扱うお店やネット経由で購入が必要です。わたしは近所に豆専門店を見つけて入手しました。スパイスはスーパーで入手可能



キチャリは 祝い事や断食、デトックス、病気の時、または子 どもへの離乳食としても食べることが出来ます。

インドのいくつかの地方では、オプションとしてスプーン大匙 1 杯のヒヨコ豆(挽き割った もの)が加えられます。キチャリの歯ごたえを良くしてくれます。



ギーを別の鍋に入れ、沸騰したらクミン・シード、マスタード・シード、アサ フェティードを入れて弾けるまで少し待ちましょう。フライド・ガーリックやみじん切りし た玉ねぎ、グリーン・チリを加えてください。お好みでスパイスや野菜を足してください。 キチャリを作ってい る間に、お好みで、人参、カボチャ、豆など、または他の好きな野菜を加えて作ります。

火が通ったら鍋にキチャリを加えます。少し火を通したら出来上がりです。グリ ーン・セロリやコリアンダーの葉を散らします。




Vedic Healers


English information is following, Thanks


In India if some one is not well or want to give rest to digestive system or detoxify body during seasonal changes. Khichadi is wholesome and complete food. It is light, nutritious and very digestive.

Moong daal (green lentils) and rice are the main ingredient for it. Moong daal is considered as light and digestive it takes care of all three doshas. On some festivals like DURGA puja and GANESH festival khichadi is prepared.

According to ingredients we can make two types of khichadi. One is for children, old, detoxifying or sick. Other is a whole and complete meal.

Ayurvedic Khichadi is with cumin seeds, rice, moong daal and ghee only (black pepper can be added some times). It can be used during prayers, fasting for sick children or sick adults. It is very nourishing and delicious to eat.

Masala Khichadi This is also same but we can put some spices like garlic, onion, tomatoes, chopped vegetables, ginger. Along with mustard seeds we can add green chillies and garnish it with green coriander leaves.

We can serve khichadi to babies too as it has very good nutritional value, digestive, good to eat and easy to cook.

Rice in the khichadi are not separate like pillaow or biryani. But its more mashed like risoto. Light rice like basmati or any other local rice can be used.

Moong Daal is another important ingredient we can use moong daal without cover or whose green skin has been removed or with it. For sick people and whose digestion is very weak and very small babies its better to use moong daal without skin. But rest of people can use with skin as it has good amount of fiber and nutritious value to it.

Consistency of the meal also can be decided accoridng to need. For very sick people and small children we can use it thin otherwise we can add or reduce water according to our taste.

We can serve it with Curd, buttermilk, papadom or pickle. Butter or ghee is poured hot over it. That also can be reduced or increased according to taste. Lemon juice and salads are other way to add to side dish.


1 cup rice

½ cup moong daal with skin ( if using without skin than it can be increased to 1 cup equal to rice)

Optionally in some parts of India other Daal like chickpea (chana daal) also can be added one big spoon. It increases the crunch in Khichadi.

Ghee, cumin seeds ( ¼ spoon) according to requirement. Salt and ¼ spoon turmeric powder.

Rinse and wash grains.  Soak in water for half hour (if could not do that than we need to pressure cook it for longer time)

Take ghee in pressure cooker make it boil add cumin seeds and let them pop. Add grains and water along with salt and turmeric powder. Pressure cook it for some time. After 3-4 whistles mostly it will be ready.

Once steam is realised from cooker open it stir to check the consistency. In case we need to add water warm or hot water can be added and cooked again for some more time.

You can serve hot after pouring adding some ghee to it. Black pepper can be added if required. This is very simple and easy way to cook Ayurvedic khichadi. Which can be used easily for worship, fasting, detoxify, sickness and for small babies.

Masala Khichadi

We can prepare this also very easily and it adds to taste and nutritional value. While cooking Khichadi we can add chunks of carrots, pumpkin, gourd, beans or any other vegetable which we like. Even if we don’t want to add vegetables we need not to.

Take some ghee or butter in separate pan. Make it boil add some cumin seeds, mustard seeds asphoetida let it splutter or pop. Add and fry garlic, chopped onions and green chillies. Once onions are cooked add chopped tomatoes and cook them. You can add moer spices and vegetables according to taste. Once they cook nicely add khichadi to it. Cook again for some time and its ready to serve. Garnish it with green celery or coriander leaves.



この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -
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